Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!! A day of service and remembrance.


Students! Dormitories will open for first time freshmen and transfer students Sunday, August 23, 2014. All returning students will be processed and moved in Monday, August 24, 2015.


TC Senior, Jamaya Carter received the opportunity to represent our illustrious institution as well as her research topic at ICAR (International  Conference of Arabidopsis Research ) 2015 held in Paris, France. The conference concentrates on plant science. More specifically, the goal is to familiarize more people with the arabidopsis plant, since it plays such a major role in laboratory studies. She was afforded the opportunity by the National Science Foundation who intends to give opportunities to underrepresented minorities in order to broaden their spectrum regarding research.

Not only will she educate others on her respective topic, but she will attend seminars and workshops which will enlighten her even more about the cutting edge revolutions to plant biology.


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